>La newsletter du SCAR de juin 2021 est parue

Le secrétariat du SCAR annonce la parution de la newsletter de juin 2021.

Introduction from the Executive Director

Welcome to the June edition of the SCAR newsletter. We are excited to share the latest news, events and opportunities from SCAR and the wider Antarctic community with you.

This is a busy month with lots of activity in the polar community. In June Antarctic overwinterers celebrated midwinter, and SCAR hopes everyone wintering this year has a fruitful and successful season, and a safe journey home. We’d also like to wish a happy Pride Month to all celebrating.

From 14 to 24 June, France hosted the 43rd Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting. On the day of the 60th anniversary of the Treaty (23 June), a declaration reaffirming the commitment of the Consultative Parties to the principles and objectives of the Treaty was adopted. The Declaration reinforces the value of SCAR in providing scientific advice.

World Albatross Day was celebrated on June 19th, inaugurated by the Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels, ACAP, to raise awareness of albatrosses worldwide. This year’s theme is ’Ensuring Albatross-friendly fisheries’. For more information on efforts to protect these important global travellers, visit the ACAP website.

Included in this month’s newsletter is a call to join the SCAR Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Action Group, a report from the SCAR Krill Action Group Report, registration details for the Southern Ocean UN Decade Kick-off meeting (9 July) and lots more news and opportunities from the SCAR community.

Chandrika Nath
SCAR Executive Director