>DEADLINE EXTENDED : Southern Ocean UN Decade Survey

*** Deadline extended to 25th June 2021 ***

Dear Southern Ocean community, and fellow SO enthusiasts,

Based on the recommendations in the global implementation plan of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030), members of the Southern Ocean community set up a Task Force to develop the Southern Ocean Action Plan. This Action Plan will provide a framework for Southern Ocean stakeholders to formulate and develop concrete activities that support the Decade vision.

To ensure this Action Plan represents the diverse perspectives and priorities of a wide range of Southern Ocean stakeholders, the Southern Ocean Task Force is now inviting all interested stakeholders to get involved in the process. Whether you are an early career professional or have an extensive background in polar activities, or you represent an institute, programme or initiative, your insights into how Southern Ocean science should evolve over the coming years to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals will provide valuable information to develop an inclusive Action Plan.

If you wish to help us identify Southern Ocean priorities, we kindly ask that you read our report and complete our survey no later than 23:59 UTC on 25 June 2021. The information that you provide in this survey will be used exclusively by the Southern Ocean Task Force to develop a Draft Southern Ocean Action Plan, which will be open for consultation at the 2nd Southern Ocean Regional Workshop which will be held online from September 20th to 22th, 2021.

In parallel, we have also put together an involvement form for you to let us know if/how you would like to get involved in the Southern Ocean process.

Thank you for your interest in the Southern Ocean contribution to the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

Kind regards,
The SOdecade Team

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